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One of the highlights of our menu is the selection of quality proteins and local partners. Chef Matt sources his meats from farms dedicated to sustainability, free-range eating, no-antibiotics or hormones. Our plates always feature a protein that's enjoyable to eat and farmed the way nature intended. This makes the proteins more nutritious for you and better for the environment. When available, he sources local ingredients like wild-caught fish, shellfish, and produce.

From our coffee served during breakfast and to hotel guests, to custom-etched ice in our craft cocktails, we love working with local Central Florida vendors.


With a diverse catalog of premium proteins, the name D'Artagnan has held pride of place in professional kitchens for decades. Long before buzz words cluttered the foodscape, D'Artagnan was committed to free-range, natural production and sustainable, humane farming practices. For more than 35 years, they have taken their responsibility seriously and partnered with farmers and ranchers that respect animals and the earth. We do it because it's the right way to farm, and it produces the highest quality and most flavorful meat.

D'Artagnan farmers uphold the strictest standards and keep animals healthy by giving them plenty of space and sunshine, allowing natural behaviors, and providing pasture along with wholesome grain feed. Each farmer signs an affidavit never to use antibiotics or added hormones.

Painted Hill Natural Beef

Beef the way nature intended. Seven ranching families founded and became the first board of directors and members of Painted Hills Natural Beef almost 25 years ago, believing that beef could be better and taste better. They wanted to ensure the people who choose their beef could count on a consistent experience, from preparation to enjoyment, every time. For generations, the families have been ranching in Central Oregon in the shadow of the state's famed Painted Hills. They remain family rancher-owned and operated. 

While the times have changed, their methods of ranching the way nature intended have not. That means pasture raising our cattle without the use of added hormones and never given antibiotics. It means taking the time, care, and effort to do things right. It means, for you, beef that's as striking as the natural wonders it's named after.